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Create Lasting Change, One Ace Bucket at a Time: August 6-8


Do you like the reward of transformation? The ability to build, create and improve?

Ace Hardware, the helpful place, makes it easy to create lasting change for kids at your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

Ace Hardware and CMN Hospitals believe in protecting the well-being of kids in local communities. We want to help build a strong foundation to address the most challenging health issues of today to prevent and prepare for those that come tomorrow.

August 6-8, donate $5 at Ace Hardware to receive a 5-gallon bucket and 20% off almost everything that fits inside. Your donation will help unlock a world of possibility for kids’ futures at your local children’s hospital.

Click here to find an Ace Hardware store near you.

Donations help children’s hospitals ensure kids can lead healthy, fulfilling lives and foster the creators, artists and builders of tomorrow. Ace Hardware makes it easy to build that strong foundation together. It takes everyone to make a difference.

When you change kids’ health, you change the future—for all of us.