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M&D Supply Rounds-Up Change for Kids

“Your total is $15.25. Would like you to Round-Up your change and donate 75 cents to help sick and injured kids at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth hospital?”

If you’ve been to M&D Supply lately, you may have been asked a similar question when checking out at the register. This year, M&D Supply in Beaumont (above), Lumberton, and Vidor (below) have been asking customers to Round-Up their change as a donation to to local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, CHRSTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth and Jasper Memorial. Through this fundraiser, cashiers have collected thousands of dollars in donations that will go directly to helping sick and injured kids in local hospitals get the medical care they need. We are so grateful to the associates at M&D Supply for their fundraising efforts and to their customers for their generosity.

Thank you for saying “yes” to Rounding-Up for local kids!