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Central Valley Raising Funds through Various Round Up Campaigns

There are a lot of things going on in the Central Valley this summer! Walmart has been running a massively successful campaign that was extended from July 19th to July 31st. Ace Hardware is in nearing the end of their #roundup campaign, Rite Aid and Love’s are in the middle of their campaign, and Panda Express is hard at work as always!


We cannot thank our partners and all of their customers enough for all they are doing in this difficult season. We know that many are experiencing financial troubles at this time. For those very people to donate even just a few cents to Valley Children’s is no small thing. We recognize the sacrifice and it warms our hearts to see the community coming together to support the kids in our neighborhoods. What a difficult year it has been, but we refuse to become discouraged. It is because of donors like you that we press on.

Image of Panda Associates at #1 store
The #1 Panda Express in the United States in 2019!

Photo taken at the Walmart on Brawley and Shaw.

                    Photo taken at Fresno Ag