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Racing for Miracles with Carl Edwards

This past weekend was the “Racing for a Miracle” event with the No. 19 STANLEY Racing team, the Ace Hardware Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Ace-CMN Event Logo

Carl Edwards and the No. 19 team raced in hopes of winning and making a donation from STANLEY of $1 million to CMN Hospitals through the Ace Hardware Foundation. The pledge is part of one of the most successful and longest-running campaigns in NASCAR that benefits patients of CMN Hospitals. Regardless of the race’s outcome, the “Racing for a Miracle” program with STANLEY and the Ace Hardware Foundation pledged $100,000 to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Since the program started, more than half a million dollars has been donated. 

Edwards’ car was outfitted with a special paint job featuring the names of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Miracle Kids and Champion Ambassadors:

A few days before the race, Edwards and the entire No. 19 STANLEY Joe Gibbs Racing pit crew visited our Network’s Cook Children’s in Ft. Worth, Texas. Smiles were all around as kids enjoyed games and pit stop demonstrations with the team as they prepared for the “Racing for a Miracle” event:




IMG_0862 (1)

On April 10, Edwards along with representatives from STANLEY and four Miracle Kids serving as “Honorary Crew Members” of the No. 19 team, presented a $100,000 donation to the Ace Hardware Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals at the Texas Motor Speedway. 


In the end, it was a close race, Edwards and the No. 19 racing team finished 10th in the Duck Commander 500. Congratulations!

Thanks to STANLEY, Ace Hardware Foundation, Carl Edwards and the No. 19 racing team for your support and participation in this fun event. To read the full press release on this event visit For more information on the “Racing for a Miracle” program visit For more information about Ace Hardware and the Ace Hardware Foundation, please visit