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Step up to Help Kids during Ace Hardware Bucket Days August 5-7 and Change Kids’ Health

Ace customers like the reward of transformation. The ability to build, create and improve. That’s why the helpful place make it easy to create lasting change, including how Children’s Hospital Colorado, a member hospital of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, cares for kids.

Each year, more kids need the custom care that only children’s hospitals provide. Children’s hospitals are on the frontlines when it comes to protecting the health of future generations. But they can’t do it alone.

When you step up to help kids and buy a miracle bucket at Ace Hardware, for five dollars, that donation goes to the local member hospital, Children’s Hospital Colorado, unlocking a world of possibilities. Allowing children the opportunity to lead healthy, fulfilling lives while also fostering the builders and creators of tomorrow.

It only takes 3 easy steps:

Patients like Austin received the critical treatments, equipment and services from his local children’s hospital, Children’s Colorado, made possible through donations. When he was 5 years old, Austin suddenly developed a series of alarming symptoms: a distended belly, bruising, fatigue and then a rash. His parents took him to their local emergency department in Laramie, Wyo., where doctors became concerned that Austin might have cancer and immediately sent him to Children’s Hospital Colorado. The next day, he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), which had spread to his central nervous system, including his spine.

After three and a half years of radiation, chemotherapy and steroids, spending numerous birthdays and holidays in the hospital and missing most of his kindergarten year, Austin finished his treatments in July 2019. Today, he is cancer free and loves to play baseball and basketball.

Austin’s mom, Cassidy, says that she is incredibly grateful to Children’s Colorado for saving her son’s life. “From day one, the doctors met our fears with love, compassion and unbelievable knowledge,” said Cassidy. “My heart is forever grateful to Children’s Colorado for what they have done for our son and our family.”

Together, we see what the future can be and are working to make it a reality. Because when we change kids’ health, we change the future – for all of us.

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